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Tropical Beat Steel Drum Band performs in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states and for major events nationwide.

John Hilton has had a most successful musical career, having played with some of the worlds best musicians and performed at venues such as Madison Square Garden. His passionate dedication to the steel drum and the culture that spawned it is obvious when hearing his authentic sound and exemplary lead playing in the Tropical Beat Steel Drum Band.


Hal Miller has performed with some of the great musicians of our time, and has toured and recorded with Santana for the last 15 years.


Monica Moore plays the triple cello steel pans, providing the deep and infectious "strumming" sound of Tropical Beat's full authentic steel band. Monica is a classically trained musician with rhythm and touch from the Caribbean.


Tommy Ford has performed at prestigious music events such as the Saratoga Jazz Festival and is a much sought after musician for his command of jazz, gospel and R&B styles as well as his authentic feel for Caribbean and Latin music.



Mike DeMarco, one of the original members of the Tropical Beat Steel Drum band, has studied with percussion luminaries such as Marvin "Smitty" Smith, and has become a master drummer in his own right. His superb playing recreates and blends rhythmic disciplines from disparate musical cultures with both exacting authenticity and powerful creativity.  Michael also plays the "guitar" steel pan drum.


Tropical Beat Steel Drum Band is priveledged to have John Joseph, from Trinidad, who has played steel drums all of his life, touring worldwide and playing in one of the original Esso steel drum bands that helped popularize the Caribbean steel drum.


Robot is an outstanding singer/entertainer from the island of Jamaica.  He has performed for over 20 years throughout the United States, Jamaica, Asia and England.  Robot plays steel pan bass, electric bass and tenor steel pan.


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