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Tropical Beat Steel Drum Band performs in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states and for major events nationwide.

The Tropical Beat Steel Band
is an outstanding live performance steel band for college concerts and festivals, workshops, orientations, diversity celebrations and many other college events. Their members have performed with groups from Santana to the famous Trinidadian ESSO and Texaco Steel Bands at many of the largest venues and festivals in the world. With the ability to play a variety of Caribbean music including Calypso Band, Soca Dance Hall, Reggae and Salsa, the Tropical Beat Steel Band is appreciated by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
The Tropical Beat Steel Drum Band also has provided entertaining, hands-on steel drum band workshops, where students, with no previous steel drum experience, participate by performing in a steel band ensemble. Also taught is the origin, from Trinidad, of the steel pan (steel drum) and it's remarkable development into the only significant new family of acoustic instruments, worldwide, since the 1800's. Because of this rich background, the Tropical Beat Steel Drum Band is the perfect choice for Black History Month and Diversity Day events. The Tropical Beat Steel Drum Band is dedicated to making your next college event an entertaining, enriching experience for everyone!